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Town of Birch Hills Golf Cart Bylaw

Residents of the Town of Birch Hills can now operate their golf carts on town streets. Please note that you are NOT allowed to drive your golf carts on Wilson Street as this is considered a provincial highway. You may cross the highway ONLY to reach your destination. If you are caught driving on Wilson Street, it will result in a fine.

In order for the Town to allow golf carts on our residential streets, there are a few requirements that need to happen before. They are as follows:
1. You will be required to register your golf cart with the Town
     a. Serial Number
2. You will need to purchase a yearly license plate through the Town
     a. Cost of yearly license plate – $50.00
     b. License plate has to be visible at all times
     c. Slow moving vehicle sign (sticker) placed on the golf cart
3. You will need to provide proof of insurance
     a. This will need to be provided yearly with registration

Once you have registered your golf cart with the Town, you will be given a copy of the bylaw.

If you are caught operating your golf cart without registering it with the Town and acquiring your license plate and/or following the guidelines of the bylaw, this will result to a fine.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Town of Birch Hills.

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